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inPhoto ID Webcam


Create id photo for identification badges, cards,
permits, passes, passport or other documents

Powerful ID photo software

Powerful ID photo software

inPhoto ID Webcam includes everything you need to create identification photos in a single webcam application

Comfortable interface

Comfortable interface

inPhoto ID Webcam has a layout that makes it easy to use to control webcam and create photo id images

Flexible design

Flexible design

The features of our program are compatible with all webcams and any type of id photo software

Technical support

Technical support

You may contact us at any time with questions or requests for support

With inPhoto ID Webcam, you receive more than an interface for your webcamera. inPhoto ID Webcam is a full suite of utilities for every stage of digital photography, allowing you to capture, refine, and export facial portraits suitable for use in a database or on photo id badges, photo id cards, passport photos, permits, passes, or other documents all in a single application. This suite offers superior performance and ease of use to similar products, making inPhoto ID Webcam a powerful but cost-effective tool for computer imaging, and an ideal solution for your business or workplace.

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Create Photo ID Images

Because of its effective facial detection software and custom filters, inPhoto ID Webcam is an ideal program for processing web camera images that are going to be used in identification photos on a security card or in a digital archive. Because our webcamera software is designed to be compatible with all other imaging programs, you can have confidence that inPhoto ID Webcam will integrate seamlessly with your existing photo identification process. Our software has the tools to make images that meet any specifications, no matter the quality required or constraints of your working environment.

webcam application for create ID Image

Facial Detection Engine

inPhoto ID Webcam has a powerful facial detection engine that allows it to identify and manipulate facial elements of photographs. It is then able to apply functions such as auto-cropping based on specified parameters. This allows our webcamera software to create images which are incredibly consistent, giving your identification photos a highly professional appearance.

facial detection for identification photo

Live Preview

When inPhoto ID Webcam is used to control webcam and take an identification photo, users can see a live preview of what image will be produced. With this tool, you can feel comfortable knowing that a quality image will be taken the first time, and do not need to waste time with extra attempts. It is possible to zoom the live preview to be able to work most comfortably way.

live preview when creating a photo for passport

Photo Enhancement

inPhoto ID Webcam does not only capture images. It is also a powerful image enhancing and resizing tool which can accept a taken photo and apply a variety of filters to it, balancing contrast, gamma, saturation, brightness, size to ensure that optimal and quality identification images can be generated in any environment.

Resize and image enhancing

TWAIN Interface Support

Because our software is fully compliant with the TWAIN protocol, it is intuitively simple to transfer images captured and processed in inPhoto ID Webcam directly to other id photo software that support this method, all without the need for intermediate files. This greatly increases the efficiency of ID creation, streamlining your business by removing unnecessary delays.

laptop camera software with TWAIN Interface Support

inPhoto ID Webcam offers a mature and powerful suite of tools for managing and editing the input of a modern webcam, including high-definition (HD) devices. With its innovative facial detection engine, inPhoto ID Webcam is the perfect tool to create ID photo facial portraits suitable for identification images of employees, guests, students, clients, pupils, visitors, or more. This smart tool quickly and effectively creates photo id badges, passport pictures, photo id cards, images for facial recognition and more. Operating on all webcam protocols on the market today, including those used by popular web cameras such as Logitech and Microsoft, the inPhoto ID Webcam program gives a user a great deal of control over the presentation and settings of a photograph at every stage from initial capture through production. Control webcam and create identification photos fast and easily.

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Supported cameras

inPhoto ID Webcam application can work
with any webcamera supported by Windows:

  • any modern UVC (USB video class) camera;
  • any webcamera with WDM-type driver;
  • any videoconferencing camera with declared support
    of Skype, Microsoft Live Messenger and etc;

Suggested solutions to work with
inPhoto ID Webcam application:

  • Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920;
  • Logitech HD Webcam C310;
  • Logitech HD Webcam C615;
  • Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF;
  • Microsoft LifeCam Studio;
  • Microsoft LifeCam Cinema;
  • Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000;
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